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Initial Therapy Consultation (60 minutes)- this will consist of an assessment to determine appropriateness for outpatient therapy. Information provided will be reviewed and an interview conducted to get a good understanding of how therapy might be helpful for you. At the end we'd hope to identify your goals and develop a plan for what's next.  

Individual Therapy (45 or 60 minutes)-  in ongoing therapy you will initially focus on increased understanding of your experience and what you'd like to work on. Each session will be tailored to you individually and what your unique needs are. Throughout your therapy you will check in on progress towards your goals with your therapist and whether or not your needs in therapy are being met. 

Parent/Family Sessions-(45 or 60 minutes)-  You may be wanting to do family therapy as your main goal or sessions like these may be used on occasion to review progress and provide an update to parents/caregivers/families on work done in individual therapy as well. 

Couples or Family Therapy-(60 minutes)-  If you are a couple or family wanting to pursue therapy, please first book an Initial Consultation session all together to meet and determine the best treatment plan. If you are seeking individual therapy you may also want to bring in family or a significant other for a session on occasion as well. 

Supervision & Case Consultation- If you are a therapist seeking supervision of your treatment of clients with eating disorders, or you are a therapist needing supervision of your clinical work to obtain licensure, please contact Dr. Coffin to inquire about consultation & supervision services. She is a certified eating disorder specialist supervisor (CEDS-S) with the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP) and can help provide you with supervision for your certification. 

Speaking & Teaching-  Dr. Coffin has presented nationally at conferences as well as professional organizations and schools on body image, eating disorders and trauma. Please contact us if you'd like to schedule us for a speaking engagement, seminar or class. 

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